ICE has triggered a perpetual state of fear among undocumented immigrants in the U.S. — even among those living in so-called sanctuary cities.

Film by Paloma Martinez

Colorist: Mark Sterne


 A film about Oakland youth from undocumented families and the healing power of soccer.

Director: Jun Stinson

Editor: Jean Kawahara

Original Score: Adrian Quesada

Colorist: Mark Sterne

WISH "Ensemble"

Client: Wish

Production & Post Co.: Heist

Colorist: Mark Sterne

AMAZON "Alexa"

Client: Amazon

Production & Post Co.: Sister

Colorist: Mark Sterne

"Stephen Hawking and COSMOS Unlock the Secrets of the Universe"

Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Production & Post Co.: Criminal

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Data could hold the key to understanding the secrets of the early universe. The problem? There's 14 billion years of information to analyze. To discover the clues hiding in these large data sets, Stephen Hawking’s COSMOS Research Group is relying on HPE Superdome Flex's ability to transform the flood of data into insights.

"360 Photo Capture on Facebook"

Client: Facebook

Production & Post Co.: Rough House

Colorist: Mark Sterne


HD Color and Sound, 16’ 20”, 2017


Challenging traditional documentary practices with experimental approaches to editing and sound, GIVE explores Roland Gordon’s motivations to create a monumental visual archive displaying centuries of black agency and achievements, in the United States and beyond.


Roland’s collage, ‘Cloud of Witnesses’, is comprised of thousands of photographic portraits, newspapers, and magazines cutouts, presenting an alternative visual history to empower the black community. The film explores collective representations of history, memory, and culture; where pasts, presents, and futures are modeled by the blending of imagination, facts, and love.



Produced, Directed and Edited: David de Rozas

Cinematography: Glenn Aquino, Sreang “C” Hok, Andres Gallegos, and David de Rozas,

Camera Assistants: Glenn Aquino, and Daniel Chein

Sound: Carolina Caycedo and Wiley John Wright II

Colorist: Mark Sterne

Sound Editor: Molly Fitzjarrald

Sound Mixing: Dan Olmsted


For Women’s History Month, Stacy’s Pita Chips created a new line of bags with unique artwork inspired by signs seen at recent women’s rallies. Each bag included Snapcodes to let people call their local representatives, donate, and get involved in women’s issues. Stacy’s handed out the bags to people rallying on International Women’s Day — March 8, 2017 — and also made each bag available online.



Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Hilary Coate - Producer

Jeff Gillette - CD

Kristen Graham - CD

Ryan Tovani - ACD / AD

Caroline Cappelli - Copywriter


Production: Heist Projects

Kim Jacobs - Director

James Niebuhr - Director of Photography

Kristen Jenkins - Producer

Stephanie Petrus - Production Manager

Nik Hill - AC

Jimmy Fiatarone - DIT

Anton Herbert - Sound

Devin Cooke - PA

Billy Wesley - PA


Post Production: Heist Projects

Jennifer Harper - Editor

Jimmy Fiatarone - Assistant Editor

Kristen Jenkins - Post Producer

Mark Sterne - Colorist

Nik Hill - VFX

Philippe Vendronlini - GFX

Phillip Lantz - Audio Engineer - M Squared


from Shoot


This Christmas, your number is up. Season's Greetings from French Press Films.


Williamsburg Seamster is one of a series of videos for Square (


Cradle Co. is one of a series of videos for Square (


Dutch Monkey Donuts is one of a series of videos for Square (


LICKS follows the story of a young man, D, as he returns to his Oakland neighborhood after serving two years in prison for a robbery gone wrong. In the days after his release, we are taken into D’s world while he navigates the harsh realities that plague

his inner city community. His judgment is tested by the insidious influences around him, forcing D to decide what direction to take his life.

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French Press Films spent the day with World Series champion, gamer, and all-around awesome guy Hunter Pence as he drove around San Francisco in a Lyft surprising passengers with impromptu dance-offs.  See if you can spot AJ's cameo.


1/29 packed four friends on a weeklong road trip in beautiful northern California with brand new Samsung Galaxy smart devices. Tagging along for the ride 1/29 produced and directed a series of seven webisodes for Samsung Academy. Check out the trailer.



An internal communications documentary showcasing how a company, expanding rapidly on a global scale, can utilize its vast network of resources and experience to create products that satisfy local markets. Score composed and performed by Jared Thomas Horne.

Filmed on the Planet Earth

JeanTague Films, September 2015

Narrated by Brenda McNabb

Location Sound Mixing / Additional Videography - Donna Rooney

Composer - Jared Thomas Horne (

Sound Design - Jon Shamieh (

Digital Colorist - Mark Sterne (

Additional video footage provided by HM.CLAUSE


Directed and Edited by Ian Colon

Starring: Cale Ajioka, Winston Schultz

Produced by: Jamie Shaw

Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone

Assistant Camera: John Michael Sang Wheeler

Production Crew: Dakota Wilder Smith, Patrick Walsh, Cody Towner

Colorist: Mark Sterne

Graphic Designer: Rowan Ogden

Cut + Color, Digital Color Grading and Editing

San Francisco / Bay Area, California


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