Vox "H&R Block : Concert"

Client: Vox

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Getting An Audience With Your Favorite Musician Shouldn’t Be This Taxing [Advertiser Content From Zelle®]

Have you ever felt short changed by an experience? Not getting the most of what you expect? Nobody likes to get less than the Max they deserve, but fortunately the Maximizers are on hand to help out. Presented by H&R Block, The Maximizers is a show dedicated to turning taxing experiences into maxing experiences.

Vox "Zelle S.A.F.E. Squad"

Client: Vox

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Christina Ricci Is A Scammer’s Biggest Nightmare [Advertiser Content From Zelle®]

In S.A.F.E. (Scam And Fraud Elimination) Squad, Christina Ricci leads a team of investigators dedicated to stopping financial fraudsters. Check out our behind-the-scenes featurette for this exciting new show, coming to a TV near you… maybe…

Salesforce "Field Service"

Client: Agent3/This Machine/Salesforce

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Power the future of field service with the #1 AI platform for field service.

Eargo "Charlie Benante"

Client: Eargo

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Eargo saves the day for Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante.

Lucid Motors "Buckle Up with Ben Collins (POV) | 2022 Goodwood Hillclimb"

Client: Lucid Motors

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Bone stock. Four doors. And the fastest production car at 2022 Goodwood #FOS timed shootout. Buckle up with Ben Collins as he attacks the iconic hillclimb. The 1,050-hp Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance has arrived.

Intuitive "The Future is Intuitive"

Client: Intuitive

Director: Ben Hess

VFX: Aniden

Colorist: Mark Sterne


In the future Intuitive's focus won't only be on how long we live, but how well we live.

We envision a future where care is more connected, customized, and intelligent for hospitals, care teams, and their patients. Watch how this future may take shape and learn more about how we're innovating for today and tomorrow:

Uncle Pete's Cocktail Shop "Ice Frog | Cloudy Ice: A Horror"

Client: Uncle Pete's Cocktail Shop

Colorist: Mark Sterne


A short horror movie. Beware the Frog.

SPLUNK "Data-to-Everything"

Client: Splunk

Production & Post Co.: Bonfire Labs

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Splunk helps you bring data to every question, decision and action that affects your organization. So you can turn that data into positive outcomes. From financial services to healthcare, from manufacturing to retail, there’s virtually no industry that can’t be made more efficient or more productive with data. When we say Data to Everything, we mean Everything.

2020 Census "Getting Stuff Done" (Cantonese)

Agency: TDW and Co.

Production & Post Co.: HEIST

Colorist: Mark Sterne



Asian Americans had the lowest level of awareness and knowledge about what the Census is and why it’s important to participate – the 2020 Census campaign presented the decennial opportunity to count everyone once only once, and in the right place.



With our mission to get a full and complete Asian American count, we delivered on the largest and most comprehensive Asian American communications and advertising campaign in history. We developed and produced creative in 17 languages; engaged in media planning/buying and PR across 30+ markets. We also established strategic partnerships with community organization, leaders, stakeholders and people of influence to optimize our campaign, holistically.

ADOBE "Aero"

Client: Adobe

Production & Post Co.: Bonfire Labs

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Partnering closely with the Adobe team, we shot, produced and did the 3D animation on a launch film for the new Adobe AR product, Aero. The film profiles renowned artist Hueman and her use of Aero to both create pieces and reach people in new ways. The film debuted at Adobe Max and lives online and through Adobe and Hueman’s social channels.

NorCal Cannabis "Heritage"

Client: NorCal Cannabis

Production & Post Co.: Bonfire Labs

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Cannabis is booming in California, but the legal business is so new that no one really has had time to establish any brand recognition. So how could we differentiate NorCal Cannabis in the eyes of investors, the trade, and the public? How could we show that NorCal is bringing the best of OG weed culture and the best of Silicon Valley together to create a new kind of vertically integrated packaged goods company? We went back to their roots. In addition to extensive product testing, we did deep interviews with the C Suite about their backgrounds and the history of cannabis in California. This resulted in a story about the decades of experience Norcal brings to bear as well as a never-ending passion for growth.

UCSF "The Forever Part"

Client: UCSF

Director and Editor: Michael Cavanaugh

DP: Noah Stout

Audio Post: Mark Pitchford at M Squared Productions

Production & Post Co.: Bonfire Labs

Colorist: Mark Sterne


Directed this "Thank you" video for Chuck Feeney, who donated $1B to UCSF. Shot by the indefatigable Noah Stout. Got to meet some amazing doctors and researchers who showed me the impact of the six different buildings Chuck has been able to build with UCSF. --Michael Cavanaugh


The idea for American Creed grew out of conversations between two Stanford University professors: political scientist and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and David M. Kennedy, who became a historian in large part to determine whether the United States has a “national character” — what defines it and how it changes over time.


Students around the country are discussing American Creed in classrooms, with curricular support from Facing History and Ourselves and the National Writing Project. Watch this video for examples of student responses.


©️2017 Citizen Film

Editor and Writer: Mike Shen

Colorist: Mark Sterne


ICE has triggered a perpetual state of fear among undocumented immigrants in the U.S. — even among those living in so-called sanctuary cities.

Film by Paloma Martinez

Colorist: Mark Sterne


 A film about Oakland youth from undocumented families and the healing power of soccer.

Director: Jun Stinson

Editor: Jean Kawahara

Original Score: Adrian Quesada

Colorist: Mark Sterne

AMAZON "Alexa"

Client: Amazon

Production & Post Co.: Sister

Colorist: Mark Sterne

"360 Photo Capture on Facebook"

Client: Facebook

Production & Post Co.: Rough House

Colorist: Mark Sterne


HD Color and Sound, 16’ 20”, 2017


Challenging traditional documentary practices with experimental approaches to editing and sound, GIVE explores Roland Gordon’s motivations to create a monumental visual archive displaying centuries of black agency and achievements, in the United States and beyond.


Roland’s collage, ‘Cloud of Witnesses’, is comprised of thousands of photographic portraits, newspapers, and magazines cutouts, presenting an alternative visual history to empower the black community. The film explores collective representations of history, memory, and culture; where pasts, presents, and futures are modeled by the blending of imagination, facts, and love.



Produced, Directed and Edited: David de Rozas

Cinematography: Glenn Aquino, Sreang “C” Hok, Andres Gallegos, and David de Rozas,

Camera Assistants: Glenn Aquino, and Daniel Chein

Sound: Carolina Caycedo and Wiley John Wright II

Colorist: Mark Sterne

Sound Editor: Molly Fitzjarrald

Sound Mixing: Dan Olmsted


For Women’s History Month, Stacy’s Pita Chips created a new line of bags with unique artwork inspired by signs seen at recent women’s rallies. Each bag included Snapcodes to let people call their local representatives, donate, and get involved in women’s issues. Stacy’s handed out the bags to people rallying on International Women’s Day — March 8, 2017 — and also made each bag available online.



Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Hilary Coate - Producer

Jeff Gillette - CD

Kristen Graham - CD

Ryan Tovani - ACD / AD

Caroline Cappelli - Copywriter


Production: Heist Projects

Kim Jacobs - Director

James Niebuhr - Director of Photography

Kristen Jenkins - Producer

Stephanie Petrus - Production Manager

Nik Hill - AC

Jimmy Fiatarone - DIT

Anton Herbert - Sound

Devin Cooke - PA

Billy Wesley - PA


Post Production: Heist Projects

Jennifer Harper - Editor

Jimmy Fiatarone - Assistant Editor

Kristen Jenkins - Post Producer

Mark Sterne - Colorist

Nik Hill - VFX

Philippe Vendronlini - GFX

Phillip Lantz - Audio Engineer - M Squared


from Shoot


This Christmas, your number is up. Season's Greetings from French Press Films.


Williamsburg Seamster is one of a series of videos for Square (


Cradle Co. is one of a series of videos for Square (


Dutch Monkey Donuts is one of a series of videos for Square (


LICKS follows the story of a young man, D, as he returns to his Oakland neighborhood after serving two years in prison for a robbery gone wrong. In the days after his release, we are taken into D’s world while he navigates the harsh realities that plague

his inner city community. His judgment is tested by the insidious influences around him, forcing D to decide what direction to take his life.

For more information visit:


French Press Films spent the day with World Series champion, gamer, and all-around awesome guy Hunter Pence as he drove around San Francisco in a Lyft surprising passengers with impromptu dance-offs.  See if you can spot AJ's cameo.


Directed and Edited by Ian Colon

Starring: Cale Ajioka, Winston Schultz

Produced by: Jamie Shaw

Director of Photography: Devin Whetstone

Assistant Camera: John Michael Sang Wheeler

Production Crew: Dakota Wilder Smith, Patrick Walsh, Cody Towner

Colorist: Mark Sterne

Graphic Designer: Rowan Ogden

Cut + Color, Digital Color Grading and Editing

San Francisco / Bay Area, California